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Special "Passage" Oscar Consideration Screenings Are Well-Received i...  about:reader?

                  Breeze of Summer.” The New York event

                  included a panel discussion with Massey

                  and Arthur which was led by Ken Meeks,

                  Author and Producer with Black

                  Enterprise Magazine and Black

                  Enterprise Broadcast Television.

                  “Passage” presents a West African

                  culture that faces an unprecedented

                  challenge in the year 1600. “Passage” is

                  an Official Selection of the 2021 Bronze

                  Lens Film Festival, the 2021 Reel Black

                  Men Film Festival, and the 2021 Run &

                  Shoot Filmworks/MVAAFF Film Festival

                  and is also an Invited Film for the 2021

                  Real Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival

                  & Lecture Series.

                  About “PASSAGE”

                  Produced by UCE Productions, LLC, and

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