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Special "Passage" Oscar Consideration Screenings Are Well-Received i...  about:reader?

                  experiences that so greatly challenge


                  About FILMMAKER DAVID M. MASSEY

                  David M. Massey is an Academy Award-

                  Nominated filmmaker who has produced

                  and directed several films and television

                  shows. He holds the distinction of being

                  the First African American in the history

                  of the Academy Awards to be nominated

                  in his role as Producer for an Oscar in the

                  “Best Live-Action Short Film” category for

                  the film “Last Breeze of Summer” (1992.)

                  About Producer SANDRA J. EVERS-


                  Sandra J. Evers-Manly created Films

                  With A Purpose (FWAP) to support the

                  production, completion and distribution of

                  diverse films - films presenting stories

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