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Vegas Movie Awards™ // You are a WINNER!

                    Dear David,


                    We are incredibly proud to announce that your amazing project is an Award Winner at
                    the VEGAS MOVIE AWARDS™, May edition.

                    You've been awarded a prize in the following categories:

                    - BEST INDIE SHORT - Award of Excellence

                    + BEST PRODUCER - Award of Excellence
                    + BEST DIRECTOR/SHORT - Award of Excellence
                    Our Judges thought it was unfair to not award more such a beautiful project, so they
                    decided to exceptionally honor your work also in two more categories you haven’t
                    submitted to.

                    The full list of Award Winners is available on our WEBSITE.

                    We are delighted to have awarded you such a high prize, and we are glad to be able to
                    bring joy to your life and in your career in such a delicate moment for our Industry.

                    So…ENJOY THE MOMENT!

                    On behalf of the Judges and the staff of the Vegas Movie Awards™, congratulations
                    on your new achievement!
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