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Jay Amor (Captain)

Jay Amor

Jay Amor has worked as Stuntman, Stunt Driver,Stunt Actor, Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director. He has been a member of SAG since 1979. A Member of AFTRA since 1980. He was a Gymnast; Springboard and Platform Diver; Dirt Bikes; Boats; Vehicle Stunts; Explosions; and Pipe Ramps Motion Picture Fights Experienced with Fire Arms. He has worked with the Best Stunt people in the Industry, and he Speaks Spanish, Italian, and English with over 180 Films, over 100 Episodic TV shows, and over 200 Commercials under his belt. As a Stunt Coordinator/ Stuntman and DGA 2nd Unit Director, he is a member of the National SAG AFTRA Stunt Safety Committee. In development on several Feature Films that he will be producing in the near future, he moved to Atlanta in 2016 and stays busy. His latest projects were Black Panther, for which he won A SAG-AFTRA Stunt Award. He has also worked on MacGyver, Shaft, and Queen of the South. Recently, he was one of the stars on a short film Passage.