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Robert Johnson | Music Composer

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is a unique modern film composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist from the musically rich culture of New Orleans, LA. There he studied with the late jazz legend and educator Ellis Marsalis. Robert received his BA degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He was a former orchestra music teacher with the Boston Public Schools for 5 years. Robert has composed music for numerous film and musical theatre projects, some of which include: First Sunday starring Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan; Love In The Nick of Tyme starring Morris Chestnut; Equation of Change starring Sir Richard Branson; the Lifetime biopic Clarke Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel; and other films. Robert has toured and worked in various capacities with Grammy award winning, Oscar nominated, and/or Emmy nominated composers such as: Terence Blanchard, Stanley Clarke, and Jongnic Bontemps. Robert himself was a 5-year voting member of the Grammy Music & Recording Academy, as well as a judge for the Pan African Film Festival for the past several years. As a multi-instrumentalist of over a dozen different instruments ranging from classical pipe organ, brass, woodwinds, drums, strings, harmonica, and even accordion; Robert includes these performances in many of his scores where appropriate. He can also be seen throughout the city of Los Angeles playing different instruments with various groups ranging from jazz groups, gospel, to orchestras.