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                  Films With A Purpose,” “Passage” is set

                  in 1600 West Africa. The film tells the

                  story of Gamba, a village leader, and

                  begins on a typical day in a coastal

                  Angolan village, where every member of

                  an African culture is busy performing their

                  daily tasks, such as cleaning, building,

                  and food preparation. Suddenly, a new

                  and violent challenge emerges. How will

                  Gamba face this new foe - one that

                  threatens to destroy the very existence of

                  his family and village?

                  Reviews of “PASSAGE”

                  Marla Gibbs, Actress, “The Jeffersons”:

                  “With ‘Passage,’ David Massey has given

                  us an opportunity to revisit our history in

                  a way that is undeniably empowering.

                  Thank you!”

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