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Special "Passage" Oscar Consideration Screenings Are Well-Received i...  about:reader?

                  that impact the hearts and minds of the

                  viewer. With FWAP she aims to Educate,

                  Inspire and Empower diverse future

                  filmmakers, writers and directors, and to

                  raise the anticipation of audiences for

                  meaningful stories and excellence in

                  filmmaking for generations to come.

                  About Producer/Writer MEL


                  As a screenwriter and filmmaker, Mel

                  Donalson has written, produced and

                  directed short fictional films such as “A

                  Room Without Doors” (1998) and

                  “Performance” (2009). More recently, he

                  was Associate Producer on the

                  documentary, “Medical Racism: The New

                  Apartheid” (2021), and served as a

                  Writer-Producer on “Passage” (2021.)

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