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Special "Passage" Oscar Consideration Screenings Are Well-Received i...  about:reader?

                  Sabrina Oertle, September 2021

                  Screening Attendee, “Brilliant filmmaking

                  and the acting was sublime!”

                  Ritzi Lanier, September 2021 Screening

                  Attendee, “Powerful! A beautiful piece!”

                  Professor Beverly A. Tate, Retired,

                  Pasadena City College, "’Passage’ is a

                  unique and memorable film experience. It

                  reveals the historical challenges of

                  African people without losing the

                  important humanity of the characters.”

                  Elizabeth Ramos, High School Teacher:

                  “Thank you so much David and Sandra

                  for creating a beautiful movie. I’ve been

                  teaching for twenty-five years and I’m still

                  being educated.”

                  About The Inspiration Behind

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